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Online Learning

Student can continue learn various topic using Mobile App or Web App through Smart Phones, Tablets or computers at home during holiday or in COVID 19 like situations. It create immursive learning experience to students will gaining digital skills for their future careers.

Instant online Assessment

Students can access various quiz and exams to assess their understanding in various topics, it can be done at classroom environment or at home as homework or a holiday package.

Track Student Performance

Parent can track student's performance and attendance instantly using the mobile application. This increases transperence and accountability to increase performance of the students.

Instant Fee Payment

With the support of payment API, parent directly pay school fees from their mobile phone, and the payment receipt will be automatically generated and reported to the accountant at the school.

Instant Communication

The SMART School system comes with interactive chat platform to enhance communication between parents and respective teachers, and notice board for school announcement. Communication is now faster and transparent.

Interactive Website

The interactive website increases school visibility to the public, it comes with online admission tool, unlimited official emails and domain name.

Students Management

All students information from the registration, learning, certification and after completing their studies are now managed easily. No more paper work.

Staff Management

Inforamtion like staff andendance, lesson coverned and learning progress are collected instantly in the platform assist school management to assess and ensure effective training delivery to students.

Finance and Asset Management

Income and expenses are managed in the system, so as all pyhsical assests of the school which includes books, chairs, tables, busses and beds in the hostel are managed in the system. This helps the school management to allocate available resources well to students for more convenient learning environment.

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